Saverne 2015

Saverne 2015

Event info:

When: 25-28 June 2015
Where: Saverne (France)
Organisation: 4×4 Container
Comment: 15th. International Suzuki meeting

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On the way to the event we got into trouble on the last 15km. The timingbelt tensioner bolt sheared off from the VW Passat i was using to tow the trailer with the zuk on it. The French guys of the Highway towservice brought me to the terrain in Saverne (they did not had to do that, thanks to them for doing so.) We had a very nice weekend thanks to the perfect organisation team. The way home was going to be a pain in the ass i thought the entire weekend. But thanks to Jurgen van Goethem the VW was transported to Belgium and we drove home with the zuk and a near empty trailer. I've made a construction for the childseat in the back of the zuk or else our son couldn't come home with us. The following week we picked up the VW Passat in Belgium to get it fixed by the guy who changed the timingbelt before we left to Saverne. Everything was fixed without any costs.