Nissan Patrol Axle's

Nissan Patrol Axle’s

Nissan Patrol Axle's for the LWB build

Today i picked up the Axle's that are going to be used for this project. I bought via the "Modderpoel" forum from a guy who's calls him self "N8-Braker"

Ard From Custom Offroad indentified the axles as a C200. front axle and a H233. rear axle. I Turned the diff a little more then 4 times for 1 rotatation of the axle so the gear ratio is about 4.11

Next week i'm going to clean the axle's so i can take all measurements for some Autodesk Inventor sketch work for the entire suspension set up.

 Suspension Joints

A few weeks ago i payed a visit to Ard in his work shop and i took al the dimensions of the joints i am going to use for the LWB project.
They are called "Creeper Joints" from Trailgear, Custom Offroad is going to supply me with all the suspension parts i need for the build

Creeper Joint
Creeper Joint with Threaded bung
Drawing made in Autodesk Inventor it's going to be used for the entire suspension design.