Part 12: 4-link suspension frame mounts

Part 12: 4-link suspension frame mounts

4 link suspension brackets.

In this part i'm going to show you how i placed all the brackets for the rear 4 link suspension on the frame. I didn't weld anything directly on the frame, i used 3mm metal plates to double up the frame strength on those places so i would not tear off a bracket if under high stress.

Upper link brackets.

Use the angle grider with a wirebrush on it to clean the frame.
3mm plate to add strength to the frame.
Welded in the center.
Used the grinder to get a nice finish on the welds.
New crossmember in position. This crossmember is going to be used to attach the "Upper links" of the 4 link suspension.
Welded the crossmember to the 3mm plate on the frame
First lasercut brackets on the frame, Ready to be welded to the new crossmember.
Also on the other side of the frame.
Both "Upper link" brackets welded to the new crossmember.

Lower link brackets.

Also 3mm plate to get more strength, but this time also on the 2 sides of the frame.
Spot welds.
3mm plate cut along the arch of the frame
Second plate clamped on the frame.
Busy welding it.
Spot welds done.
A small piece of 80x40x3 Boxsection clamped to the frame. (also you can see the all the plates are fully welded.
The Boxsection welded in position.
Lasercut brackets for the "Upper links" in Position.
Both upper links in position.


All Brackets are only tag welded for the first test. if everything lines up according to the CAD drawing i will give every bracket it's final weld.