Part 18: Drivetrain and Engine

Part 18: Drivetrain and Engine

T-Case Mounts

Custom T-case mount.
New Mount hold in position with a clamp.
Creating Mounts.
Holding the T-case in factory position with a temporary "Bridge"
Cut the old stock mount away and started to built something stronger, I am not happy with it because this is getting to heavy and overkill. I Let his part rest for a while to figure out how i can do this without adding to much weight.

The Engine

The Engine i'm going to use in my project is the Suzuki Baleno 1.8 engine. It has 122 BHP and 154 Nm torque @ 3400rpm. It has a DOHC and Multi-point injection, 1840cm3 16v. The gearbox i'm going to use comes from a 1.6 Vitara and has the T-case removed and a custom bracket/plate at the end i bought from a Custom Suzuki shop in Germany.

Engine Still in the Baleno.
Lift Off !!!
Took the gearbox of.
Engine next to the frame.
Engine mount bracket.
Installed 2 Rubbers on the custom crossmember. (this position is the same as the factory gearbox mount)
Here you can see the custom end plate form Germany. it makes it possible to install a bearing at the end of the shaft and also an oil seal.
Engine mount tag welded.
Engine mount under construction. (frame side)
This is the idea.
Robin busy making a nice weld.
This looks like a solid engine mount. (the bolt inside is a M16x100)
The other side.
We added a 3mm backplate for extra strength.
Took everything of the engine to give it a final weld and re-installed it.
Engine in position.

What needs to be done.

A custom exhaust header and exhaust system.