Part 3: Separate body from the chassis

Part 3: Separate body from the chassis

In this update i'm going to show you the status of the body and how we take the body of the chassis

The filler on the body did not stick to body verry good, under the filler it started to rust again (the huge amount of filler was applied by the previous owner, Covering up the bad weld job)
More problems
Rust all over the place
Terrible repair job, Looks like no paint was used to prevent future rust.

Anyway, Lets go on with removing stuff

Took all the electrical stuff out
All the wires from the Swift GTI wiring loom which was installed to replace the existing wiring loom
Took the crossmember out (Behind the dash) and removed the heatercore
Cutout in the firewall ? No reason why, also the interior heater was not connected ? also no reason. I Guess poor craftsmanship

Time to separate the body from the chassis

First off al let's start with a time lapse video my brother made with his GoPro camera

The body hanging above the chassis, I used two 500KG chainhoists
A little higher
A view from the back of the garage, Now the chassis can be rolled out, Next the Body will be placed on a pallet with castors so i can roll the body outside.
Chassis and body outside
Here you can see the body is on a pallet with castors
Chassis back inside.