Part 6: Remove axles and more

Part 6: Remove axles and more

In this part you can see how i removed the front and rear axle, Gearbox and the towbar

The Gearbox came off without any problem, The rubber was broken.
Gearbox gone.


Front axle

I attached a chainhoist to the chassis and lifted it up so i could remove the tyres without any trouble.
There goes the front axle.
Front axle is no longer part of this LWB.


Rear Axle

Removed the rear tyres, The chassis is no hanging in a chainhoist in the rear too.
Trying to get the U-Bolts off, they are on this axle since 1986 so they don't go easy.
Rear axle almost on the ground.
Rear axle, Shackles and Leafsprings removed.



Removed the towbar, The LWB is going to be to high to tow anything so i doesn't need a towbar.