Part 8: Airshocks & Rod-ends

Part 8: Airshocks & Rod-ends

Suspension parts

It's time to explain the plan for the LWB suspension.
The Front suspension will be a 3-Link with a panhard-bar, The parts I am going to use are some Radflo A.airshocks with 16" travel with a diameter of 2,5" . You see people use 2,0" diameter shocks in the front all the time.
But there is allot of weight on those shocks so they need allot of pressure to get you at "ride hight" you want. The 2,5" shocks can carry more load so they need less presure to get to the "ride hight" you want, So the effect of the airshock pushing down will be less. And that's exactly what you want if you drive up a steep hill, you don't want the shocks to push the front up, you might roll backwards. Enough about the shocks, The rod-ends for the link suspension i will be using are the "Creeper-Joints" from Trailgear. The rod-ends for the panhard-bar i will use are the "JMX-12" also from Trailgear.

Some Pictures

16" Travel Airshocks in 2,5" and 2,0" Diameter. Also the Creeper-Joints and the JMX-12 Rod-end with. (The beer can is just for size reference)


The 2,5" is fully extended, the 2,0" had to much vacuum to pull out to it's max.

About the rear suspension

In the rear I am planning to make a 4-Link with 16" travel 2,0" diameter Radflo airshocks, Also with the "Creeper-Joints" from Trailgear. in the back you can use the 2,0" airshocks without any problem because there is less weight there.

The parts

3D drawing of all the suspension parts.

A very short clip


All the parts in the drawings can move, This will make it possible to test the suspension before cutting a single piece of metal


In this render you can see the Patrol axles under the chassis. More of the suspension, Soon in part 9 of this build

Airshocks from: Radflo supplied by: Custom Offroad

Rod-ends from: Trailgear supplied by: Custom Offroad