Part 9: Designing the suspension system

Part 9: Designing the suspension system

The suspension design

The drawing of every suspension part and the chassis is ready.
Now it's time to make the actual design with the 4-link and 3-link + Pan-Hard bar.
After looking on the internet for some inspiration, I found the Pirate 4×4 forum and i found several build topics about link suspension on Zuk's but not one topic about a LWB Zuk so i couldn't do a 1:1 copy. But since everyting is now available in CAD we could play around with all the options and use the Link calculators to get a decent design.
So i started a "Thread" on the Pirate 4×4 forum with some designs and let people give there opinion.
There was ony member that was very helpfull and his nicname is "am4x4" and he own's a company called "Mayhem Metal Works". we tryed several link positions on the frame and axles as you can read in the "Thread" on the forum.
I will show some pictures of the final CAD design below and then we will start building.

The Screenshots.

Side view
Front view
Rear view
Frame brackets (Rear)
Pan-Hard bar
Pan-hard bracket on axle
Bottom view
ISO-Metric view
ISO-Metric view

Screenshots with adjustable shocktowers

The shocktowers are height adjustable and i also can set the angle on them
5 height positons
Full Flex (tyres are 36" in this render)