New LWB Project

New LWB Project

New LWB Project.

After i have sold my first LWB a few years ago, It started to itch again to build an other one.
But this time better then the first one. I have got allot of plans for it so stay posted on this website for the entire build.

First i had to find an LWB.

After looking on all sort's of "ebay" like website's and didn't found anything i tried a dutch offroad forum called "Modderpoel" in the wanted section i made a post with my needs,
and in a few weeks i found this LWB that was for sale. The Girl who was the owner wanted to buy a diesel version of the LWB. So i went overthere for a look, and it looked like this:

I made the deal with Rienke and told her that i'm going to pick it up in a week or 2 when i cleanded out my garage. And that was okay with her, She wanted to keep the hard-top for her next LWB.
The way it looks now i'm going to pick up the LWB on 2 February

The build plans for now

  1. Nissan Patrol R160 (MQ) Axle's
  2. 4-Link rear suspension with coils and shocks.
  3. 3-Link front suspension with coilover shocks.
  4. 5.14 T-case.
  5. Internal roll-cage.
  6. Pick-up look.
  7. Nice 2 tone paint job.

Special thanx to Ard form Custom Offroad for all the support so far and coming support on the suspension and also the main supplier for this project will be Custom Offroad

More of this project can be found in the Tech section of this website.