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 Winch bumper

 Winch tray

 Propshaft spacer

 Switch panel

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 Samurai with Winch bumper

Blockschematic for 12V systems in RV or Boat.

Since i’m currently building my own DIY RV and my knowledge of powersystems, Many people ask me questions about how to connect stuff. Below you can download 8 different blockschematic with  several options. All blockschematics are based on Victron components.

Small – 0 (This is a system without inverter and solar system, for small RV’s with small needs)

Small – 1 (Same as “Small-0” but with small solar system)

Small – 2 (Same as “Small-1” but with small 230V AC Inverter and larger battery)

Basic – 0 (System with the  a 800VA “Multi-Plus” unit. This is a Inverter and Batterycharger ├Čn 1. it also has a nice “Powerassist”feature, System with 1 battery and 1 solar panel) 

Basic – 1 (Same as system “Basic-0” but with larger 1200VA “Multi-plus” and bigger battery and solar panel + required miscellaneous items)

Basic – 2 (Sams as system “Basic-1” But With 2000VA “Multi-plus”, 2x Battery and 2x Solar panel + required miscellaneous items) (This is the system i’m going to install in my RV)

Large – 0 (This is a system which can also handle the output of today’s Euro 5/6 alternator output. 3000VA “Multi-plus” 2x Battery) (I have installed this a couple of years ago and it still runs great)

Large – 1 (Same as System “Large-0” but with 6x 2V/600Ah Battery and 3x Solarpanel, + required miscellaneous items) If you need more than this, Upgrade to a 24V system.


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 Suspension & Lift

 Suzuki Samurai information

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