Shackle reverse & 3″ Lifted springs

Shackle reverse & 3" Lifted springs

Zuk Parked in garage


Jack up the car
Remove the wheels,propshaft and U-bolts, and disconnect the shocks
Support the chassis with jack stands and place jack under axle, remove shackles
Remove the old worn out rubber bushings
New spring with shackle revers kit and the old spring with longer shackle
Install shackle revers bracket
Shackle reverse brackets and crossmember installed
Place new springs under the car
Spring installed on one side (notice the shackle at the back of the spring instead of the rear)
Spring installed on both sides, later i got new U-bolts (Trailmaster)  because the originals were not long enough, after doing a flex test on a improvised ramp i ordered some "Rancho" shocks at Custom Offroad


Support the chassis, undo U-bolts, support the axle on a jack, Loosen the shocks
New spring vs old spring
New spring installed
Springs on both sides installed, also got new U-Bolts (Trailmaster) later and some "Rancho" shockes
Some space for bigger trye's, i was aiming for 32" tyre's , ended up with ordering 33"
Enough space for 33" tyre's

The 33" tyre's fitted well, except they rub against the side-bars, i removed those, need to get some other protection there