SPOA (Spring Perche Over Axle)

Rear axle with new perches and shockmounts


Rear axle with new perches and shockmounts
Rear axle with new perches and shockmounts
Front axle with new perches and shockmounts.3 positions possible on the perches,this made it possible to move the axle forward to clear for bigger tyre's
Front axle with new perches and shockmounts
Test fit of the JMDesign overhead steering arm
Longer front brakelines
Longer rear brakelines
Axles painted and 5.125 diff installed with rear ARB-Air locker
JMDesign expander shackle's ready for paint/install
Jack up the vehicle and remove the wheels and driveshaft,then remove the shocks,remove the U-Bolts,remove the shackles and remove the axle.
The new axle is 12cm wider (it's from a Samurai) but the perches are on the correct position,also you can see the welded rear caliper holder for the disc-brakes
Axle removed
Axle installed under the springs
Axle installed under the springs
Install the expander shackles
An other view on the rear axle
Back on his own feet,plenty of space for bigger tyre's
Jack up the vehicle at the front, place some jack stands under the chassis and remove the wheels
Disconnect the steering rod with a special ball-joint tool
Remove the brake calipers
Remove the front axle in the same way as we did with the rear axle
Rear spings are going the be installed at the front.
I took the rear spingpack,remove the counterleaf and added the bottom leaf of a front springpack.
Rear springs installed up front
Axle installed
Brake caliper installed with new longer brakelins
Back on the wheels, same as in the rear,enough space for bigger tyre's
Installed new longer brakeline in the rear.
JMDesign with custom drag-link (By: J.Stegeman)
I welded and extra brace on the overhead steering since i didn't like all the forces on just 4 bolts of the knuckle gear.the brace held in place by the 2 M12 bolts which hold the brakepad holder.
Also for added strength i used grade 12.9 bolts. (this is the steering we are talking about)
an other view, drag-link installed and some paint.
Drag-link installed
Installed the 31×10.50×15 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tyre's on the zuk and did some flex tests. not bad for stock shocks.
Looks like this is a good option for lifting the vehicle.but i have to warn you,use an overheadsteering system from day 1. a Z-Link is going to let you down.