Weber carburetor

Weber DGEV 32/36 carburetor installation

Everybody knows the stock carb on the samurai works great untill it starts to run bad, then it's worn out and there's no simple way to get it to run okay anymore.
I tryed a swift GS carb with orignal manifold, it uses a constant vacuum carb which runs great, but after 5 months mine decided to give me trouble.
So i was done with fooling around with old scrapheap carbs, and bought a Weber carb at "Redline" the installation is easy and the email support is good also.

The old swift GS carb

The swift GS carb with matching manifold

What's in the box

carburetor,Air-filter,Fuel-line,vacuum-line and adapterplate


Since i had the old maninfold not in use i could do some prep work before taking the swift GS manifold + carb from the car, so powerwashed it and removed al old gaskets
Placed the adapterplate on the manifold with just 2 bolts, and marked the opening on the manifold
You can see the outline of the opening
Used a saw to get the rough shape of the opening
Used this tool to get edge smooth and in to the final shape
The result
Removed the swift GS manifold
Installed the stock manifold back on the head of the engine with a new gasket, also installed the adapter plate with the gasket included in the kit
The carb, you can see the water choke on the side
Carb installed on the adapterplate, new fuelline and vacuum line
Installed the waterlines on the choke, and the vapor vent hose
Air filter installed
Installed a inline filter in the vapor vent hose to get dirt from entering

Did get the engine run good, also change ignition timing with the help of the Weber support, and the performance is great !

Fan switch

I installed and electric fan on the radiator when i installed the swift GS carb with manifold, that manifold had a fan switch above the thermostat
The stock manifold doesn't have that feature so i had to make a inline fan switch

I took some 1"  threaded pipe, drilled a hole in it on the side and welded a piece of threated pipe on it, and with a brass adapter the fan switch fitted
A little paint
Pipe with fan switch