Propshaft spacer

Propshaft spacer

After the installation of the 2" Coilspacers there is a little vibration in the driveline, i placed a 12mm spacer on the rear diff and the vibration was gone

The spacers

A company made me 2 versions a 12mm version and a 17mm version, i installed the 12mm version first and it fixed the problem, didn't need the 17mm version
An other view of the spacers which were made out of stainless steel, just because the had no other material

The installation

The spacer will be placed between the propshaft and the diff flange
Remove the 4 M10 bolts and nuts
Pull the propshaft out of the diff flange
Place spacer on diff flange
Place propshaft on spacer and insert 4 new longer M10 bolts (use grade 12.9 hex bolts for extra strength)
I used Lock-nuts
Thigten all 4 bolts
Done !

Drawing download

You can download a AutoCAD drawing of the propshaft spacer here