Disc handbrake

Disc handbrake installation

The original handbrake of a Samurai uses the rear drumbrakes, but i did a rear discbrake conversion and lost the handbrake function.
So i could do 2 things, i could install a SJ413 style T-case drumbrake or get a X-eng discbrake kit, i decide to go with the new stuff and because it would not make any sence to remove drumbrakes from the rear axle, and install a other drumbrake back on the car and get my self a hard to clean system again, so i called Ard from Custom Offroad and he provided me with the X-eng disc handbrake kit

What's in the box

What was in the kit
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The installation

The back of the T-case
Remove the propshaft
Since my T-case never had a brake attached to it, i had to tap the threads myself
Install the bracket
Don't over thighten the bolts, you will destroy the threads
Install caliper with just 1 bolt
Place space ring on shaft
2 sizes are included in the kit, they space the flang to the correct distance of the caliper (depending on the type of flange you have you need one of these, you'll have to test fit that)
Spacer on the shaft
Flange back on, for test fit
Nut back on flange
Disc centre ring in flange
Disc with centre ring
Centre ring in disc
Centre ring in disc (other view)
Disc on flange with 2 bolts

I Lost some photos of this installation, but it's pretty easy from this point, you use some longer M8 bolts to install the propshaft back on the flange, but now the brakedisc is between it.

The hand brake cable

The original handbrake cables will be removed
Removed the cables
The new stronger/thicker cable and the bracket included in the kit, attached the cable with a M8 bolt to the handle, position the bracket on the body of the car, drill 2 holes and install the bracket with 2 bolts.

You can adjust the pre-tention of the cable at the caliper side of the cable, after testing and re-adjusting the tention the handbarke is really a good brake you can trust

Some additional photo's after a few times Off-Road

Here you can see the adjust system near the caliper
Side view