Part 15: Front link suspension

Part 15: Front link suspension

Front frame mounts

Lower links frame mount. (I'm not happy yet with the strength of this part yet, I will ad some more metal here and there)
Without the Creeper-joint.
Upper link frame mount.
With the Creeper-joint.
In position.
Just a few tagwelds.

Axle mounts

Front axle hanging in 2 chain hoists.(The front axle is to heavy to lift with 1 person)
Busy checking the Pion angle.
Lower axle mounts.
Lower links installed.
An other view.
Setting the "Castor angle" before tagwelding the upper link mount on the axle.
Upperlink mount on the axle with a few tagwelds.
Playing with the setup without the "Panhard bar"
It's going to be a great setup.
U-Joint on the "Diff" side is going to be OK. (not shure which propshafts i'm going to use)
U-Joint on the "T-case" side needs to be a double type.

This 3 link design in the front of the car is going to work very well, Combined withe 4 link design in the rear and 2 airlockers it's going to be realy good offroader.