Part 17: Front shock towers & Result

Part 17: Front shock towers & Result

Front shock towers

Clean the frame.
Cutting gap in frame.
Cutting the gap.
The gap.
Shock tower bench assembly.
Shock tower placed in gap.
Shock tower ready for test.

Front suspension test

Full flex with shocks.
Full drop.
Shock clearance.

Rear suspension test

Rear full flex.
An other view.
Rear view.


In the pictures you can see the result of the suspension design, The tyres used for test are 31×10,50×15. But the tyres that are going to be used are 35" or 37" depending on the clearance in the body.

Full flex. one tyre 134cm from the floor and the other 3 still touching the floor.
View from the rear.
View from above.
An other front view.

Axles in "Cross" formation

View 1.
View 2.

Suspension full "in"

All shocks full in.

I am very happy with the results, No problems with suspension parts touching the frame or tyres.